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Howdy I'm Nickromancer and I'm a semi-professional artist.

I do tons of artsy stuff such as writing, sewing, drawing, making music, and more. This blog is specifically for my drawings, but my main blog [SpacePandy] will house all my other stuff.

This blog may contain gore, artistic nudity, and vague nsfw [like sexy stuff but no sex or full on sexualized nudity] Everything will be tagged, but if any of the body horror or gore stuff isn't your speed you can ask me to add extra tags.

Make sure to check out my carrd for more info!

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Nickromancer's Carrd

Nickromancer's Carrd

Hey gamers! I finally made a carrd! It has easy access to all my other social media, an in depth about me page, all my commission info, and a dni/byf thing!

Some more old art! I apparently uploaded this to newgrounds but never here o:

Some Persephone fanart! I'll post the alt version with way more petals under the readmore <:

I realized I never uploaded one of my favorite drawings!
Here's Cayden. They're non-binary and the captain of the Cosmic Collectors [A comic idea I have that I'll probably never do anything with]

Finally finished this artfight attack! It's of Valeria, a lovely shark girl idol!
You can find the character's creator over on Twitter @/yazzdonut or Artfight ~minksyuu

My first attack! I was in the middle of some other drawings but when I saw @awepossum 's lovely art of my merboy I just!! had to draw their cutie I planned on drawing later

Hey gamers! Doing artfight this year <:

I might do chains and stuff for more than just friends, but priority wise, chains are reserved for friends.

A commision I did for @alathe

It's a full body of this girl I previously designed for stickers and stuff. <:

Hey gamers! been saving up my energy for artfight, so apologies for the lack of art.. but yeah! I'll be participating in artfight this year

feel free to check my page out! I'm on team Sugar!

I'll most likely be adding just a few more characters before artfight starts

hey gamers I'm almost done with a commission so I'll be back to posting art soon!

I'm also going to try to make a commission sheet and stuff to make it easier to show my commission rates and what not so look forward to that as well <:

heeheehoohoo.... clownsona...

me but I actually dress how I act

No makeup version under the cut

hey y'all! sorry for the fact my art has been inconsistent and I haven't been potsing a whole bunch.

My laptop broke recently and I can't exactly get it fixed with everything going on.. and my current desktop is so utterly terrible that it makes it really difficult to do even basic things on it [like drawing]. I've been saving up for a new desktop so hopefully I'll be able to get one soon and get back into drawing regularly.

Thanks for sticking around!

I normally don't do backgrounds so I just tried to vibe with it! Hope y'all like it.

A commission I did for one of my friends. I hope I did him justice.

I forgot to say I was live streaming today but hi hello! I actually steam myself drawing a lot on twitch!

I'll also stream video games from time to time but it's mostly just gonna be me drawing o: So if you're interested in watching me draw, please give me a follow! there's currently two long stream videos up for the next 14 days or so if you wanna see what my streams are like

also I usually am not on voice when I draw but I will be sometimes! so just make sure to pay attention to the chat or if I'm writing anything on screen. Thanks~

Finally made one of these!! So hello everyone! and thanks for checking out my art and my blog!

He doesn't have a name but say hello to a demon boy I drew... I'm thinking of selling his design though if anyone is interested.

say hello to Annabel! My lovely satanic aesthetic yandere furry.... she's very good

Thanks so much to Hyperspace [over on twitter] for sketching this and allowing me to collab with her to finish the drawing!!

My friend created an original species.... and let me draw one of them... so here's my long boi

Hey so I started a request for someone on here forever ago and lost it in my files so I never finished it but I wanted to finish it sometime soon but I have no clue who this was supposed to be for! So if this is your OC and you remember requesting me to draw your character please send me a message or leave a comment so I can properly credit you when I finish this


I've been having major art block but I had the intense urge to draw Rock Lee so here's a little doodle of him.